Signature Collection

By Sydney Strong

Sydney Strong

Jewelry Designer
GIA GG, AJP, GIA Pearls Graduate

Adorn yourself with contemporary jewelry designed and created by Sydney Strong.  Inspired by love, her pieces are as unique and as expressive as the people who wear them.  Sydney takes pride infusing tradition with her fashionable designs. Her commitment to producing stunning, quality jewelry, makes her a sought after jewelry artist. Delve into her collections and immerse yourself in sophisticated luxury.







About Sydney

Sydney was born in Greenville, SC and moved to Charleston, SC to attend and play soccer at the College of Charleston. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with a concentration in Photography. Sydney lived in Charleston for 10 years, teaching soccer to children, and coaching at the College of Charleston before moving back to Greenville to work for her mom, llyn strong at llyn strong fine art jewelry. Sydney manages the store, creates custom pieces with llyn all while working on and creating her own line of jewelry. Sydney has just recently completed her Graduate Gemologist Degree at the Gemological Institute of America.

Jewelry is an expression of self and a window into the style and personality of the individual wearing it.  The jewelry I create is an extension of myself, combining my love of color and layering pieces with the inspiration for simplicity from the one I love.  My collection is based in 18k yellow18k white, and 18k rose gold and blended with multi-colored diamonds.  I take pride in the quality of the materials I have chosen as my medium and the labor that goes into handcrafting each piece.  The simplicity of this collection gives the wearer the ability to mix and match, both stones and metals, to find the look that works for them.  Each piece is substantial enough to be worn individually, can be layered for more depth in color, shape, and length.  Designed with the intention of adding sparkle to daily wear, combinations can be dressed up for any event.

- Sydney Strong